About Us

Incorporated in 1991, MPC (Modern Process Control) Consulting Ltd. has been headquartered in Sidney, British Columbia since 2000. Prior to that, we were based out of Richmond BC. Paul Bulmer is the founder and President of the company, with over 30 years of experience in instrumentation and process control design engineering.

Engineering and Systems Integration

MPC Consulting is dedicated to providing engineering and systems integration of control systems, instrumentation, and SCADA systems, for your industrial automation needs. For your control system needs, including SCADA, PLC, and DCS, we provide detailed engineering, specification, purchasing and complete programming (logic and graphics) of the entire system. We also install and provide maintenance services afterwards. MPC will produce all required engineering documentation and drawings (to ISA standards) to accompany the control system including P&ID drawings, logic drawings, wiring and cabling drawings, loop drawings, etc.

System Evaluation and Upgrade

Having problems with your existing systems? If so, MPC can troubleshoot it for you and provide a complete solution to get them back to optimal efficiency. We can also evaluate your existing systems and upgrade them to the latest technology to increase your product quality and yield, and decrease costly downtime.

Instrumentation Needs

For your instrumentation needs in these systems, we can specify the correct instruments for your application using the Instrumentation Database from Megaflex. We will purchase, install, and calibrate, and then provide full maintenance service for them, as required.

The Custom Panel Shop

Also in Sidney, BC, we own and operate The Custom Panel Shop, a subsidiary of MPC where we design and build custom electrical control panels  (CSA, UL or ETL certification can be offered if required) for any application. We can provide a complete engineered package for your control panel needs. With every panel, we include complete documentation, panel layout drawings, wiring drawings, BOMs, operation manuals, etc. We test system operation completely before the panel leaves our shop, including every input and output to make startup and field commissioning effortless. After commissioning, we ensure success by providing operator training and ongoing servicing of the system as required.

MPC Consulting Ltd. is a registered systems integrator in British Columbia for Control Microsystems & GE.