Location: Nanaimo, BC Canada.

Regional District of Nanaimo

For the first phase of this multi phased project MPC designed and built a PLC based control system which enabled the collection of gas from the landfill through a blower that pushes the gas to a flare where the gas is burned. The system has an analyzer that measures the percentage of oxygen, methane and carbon dioxide with integral shutdown interlocks. The system collects data and transmits it via an auto dialer that allows the District to record the data over a phone line. The system also transmits alarms to pagers and cell phones. This phase was a turnkey project completed in 2004.

The second phase was to upgrade the existing system and to accommodate dual blowers and two landfill gas powered electric generators that are connected to BC Hydro’s main grid. This allows the District to now generate revenue from methane produced by the landfill. This system uses Clearscada with E series RTU. Phase II was completed in 2010.